Meet Chelsea!

Hello everyone! I am SO excited to formally introduce Josh and I’s new puppy, Chelsea. She actually isn’t a puppy but she is just so dern cute and looks like one! Chelsea is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (quite the mouth full), and is precious.

We rescued Chelsea from National Mill Dog Rescue, where dogs are recued just days even hours before their death at puppy mills. Chelsea was sadly born and lived the first year and 3 months of her life in a rabbit cage at a puppy mill in Missouri. Don’t know exactly what a puppy mill is? The purpose of a puppy mill is to mass produce dogs for the sole purpose of profit. Dogs that produce big amounts in litters live their entire lives in a cage, with horrible treatment and conditions. Its disgusting, Oprah did a feature on them if you’d like to watch HERE.

Most puppies only live a short time at the mill for they are taken and sold into pet shops, where on the other hand, their mother is left to live the rest of her life at the mill, producing litters every six months…

So how did we get Chelsea?

Female dogs aren’t suppose to be breed until the mature age of 2 years, but the mill she came from, bred her at 6 months and then again at 1 year old and both times the pregnancy wouldn’t stick. In a puppy mill breeders mind: if she can’t get pregnant and make me some money, then I don’t need her. That’s where NMDR comes in. They are called and notified that there are unwanted dogs that will be killed in ___ hours if not rescued. Chelsea was rescued earlier last week from Missouri and placed in a foster home in Colorado Springs.

My search for a Cavalier has felt like forever. I remember about 5 years ago when I discovered the sweet breed was bred for companionship and known as perfect lap dogs, and I had to have one. I had been on Petfinder and NMDR’s website EVERY day, for the past 3.5 months, waiting for a Cavalier to be rescued. The process was tough though, not only do you have to apply to adopt, and get a house approval, but Cavaliers get adopted very quickly.

So last Wednesday when Chelsea popped up on Petfinder I immediately called to show my interest. Already, there were 4 families that were interested in her. I was heartbroken, knowing that she’d be soon adopted to another family. But the next day I got a call from the foster family she was staying with and I was the next person on the list to adopt! Turns out the family ahead of me, wanted a rough and tough dog and Chelsea just wouldn’t fit that part.

A few hours later I had met Chelsea, adopted her, and had her in my lap on the car ride home. I wanted to cry tears of joy.

Before that day, it felt silly for Josh and I to pray for a Cavalier, but having the sweet puppy in my arms made the long awaited day and feeling worth it. God is so good to answer even small things, like wanting a certain dog. Everytime I look into her big brown eyes, I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have her little self walking around our house.

She is fitting in just great at our home. Though she is VERY timid, having NO human touch or contact prior, she is slowly warming up to us. We treat her like our baby, and Josh and I just adore her. She truly is the SWEETEST dog ever.

Below is my pathetic attempt at a self portrait of Chels and I….

She loves to cuddle and sleep with us anytime we are on the couch. This was her and Josh the day we brought her home, she was eating up that human affection.

Our ‘family’ portrait, I couldn’t imagine it better. :)

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