Christmas Time! Instagram Style

I recently got an iPhone and of course the first app that I downloaded was Instagram. It got app of the year apparently and it doesn’t surprise me, that thing is freaking addicting! I thought it would be fun to share some of my more “Christmas themed” instagrams with you all.

     1) The Christmas street in Colorado Springs, it has icicles lights strung all the way down the street from tree to tree, it’s very magical feeling :)

     2) My take at holiday baking. I made white chocolate peppermint bark and this was our disastrous kitchen post baking.

     3) Our first stockings as a married couple. Custom and glittering!

     4)We had a small family Christmas party at my parents mountainous home, deer heads and all. We watched Tebow and ate way too much fudge.

     5) Best snow storm of the year yet, we got about 8 inches and it was glorious. Driving in it, not so much, but looking at the white-ness was great!

     6) A snap of a little bush with some morning snow on it. I just couldn’t pass it up.

     7) Pretty icicles on our neighbors house.

     8) Self portrait of myself with an awesome long Santa hat on Christmas Eve’s eve. Don’t hate :)

     9) Lastly, the movie Josh and I watched last night, The Santa Clause. Best Christmas movie ever, I LOVEEEE it.

Well that’s all! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas Eve!

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