Alaina & Chris | Colorado Springs Engagement

I have a confession to make: when a bride emails me about her wedding, if near a computer, I’ll request her on Facebook. After she accepts (hopefully), I glance at her pics (in the non creepiest way possible). And with Alaina it was no different, after seeing this gorgeous girl in her pictures, I knew I couldn’t WAIT to photograph her and Chris’ engagement shoot.

I love it when couples pick out a spot that is special to them, for Chris and Alaina, they had mentioned a small pathway in the mountains, a place where Chris had taken a picture of Alaina in their earlier dating days. Well low and behold who knew that the little pathway led to an incredible hidden church with “photo opportunity HEAVEN”! The location, mixed with their awesome choice of colorful, yet patterned clothes, was perfect.

Thank you Chris and Alaina for being awesome, and for putting up with my “overly” excited self while shooting your session. :)

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